Relevant content specifically for you!

Do you feel overwhelmed by the mass of information and news on Facebook and Twitter? Do you feel, that you are going to miss the really important things? Then you should try Soziello. With just one click, it connects with your Twitter or Facebook profile and presents you the content your friends have shared - sorted by popularity and relationship status of your friends.

Your network knows what is good

Soziello only collects the content that has been shared or recommended by your friends. So you get exactly the news, which are interesting for you and your network. Your advantage – you have more time for the essentials: Posts which are really interesting for you. All posts, which are shown to you, have been rated by Soziello. A bigger interaction rate between you and your friend or follower will lead to more highlighted content.

Clever algorithm for the most relevant content

But Soziello goes even one step further. Not only the interaction rate is crucial for the selection of content, which will be shown. Ten other factors influence our algorithm to filter out the postings which are the most relevant for you. In addition to a temporal component it also includes the overall popularity of a post in the social networks.

Soziello learns from your behavior

The highlight of our service: If you use Soziello quite often, the algorithm will understand your preferences more and more and over time you will receive even better results. Because Soziello is not only social, it is as well able to learn. We evaluate your actions with the displayed content. Furthermore, even things which you don ́t do, share or comment will flow into the assessment. So, while time goes on, we will learn, which content you prefer and which content we can show to you only on the second page without a bad conscience. Even if it happens that you see a post that you don ́t like - no problem, you can hide it easily with a wipe or click.

Intuitive user interface for maximum clarity

Soziello concentrates on the essentials: Presenting quickly, easily and intuitively, the most relevant contributions to you. We have developed an extremely simple interface for desktops as well as for tablets and smartphones for a maximum of clarity. Moreover, devices with touch displays can save you even more time because of practical wiping gestures.

Features which make your life easier

But that's not all. Our practical support functions simplify the dealing with interesting content even further. Articles that you have already read, can easily be found in chronological order. If you want to read an article later – no problem! An innovative bookmark system can help.

Easy made Content sharing

Another function of social networks is to share own content with friends and followers. Even this works easily with Soziello. With just one click you can open a small window in which you can share your content with your friends easily - no matter from where you want to share your content, whether from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, Pinterest or even content which is only available by mail - Soziello covers all of these options!